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Company Profile

Chengdu Environmental Investment Group Co., Ltd. (formerly Chengdu Xingrong Group Co., Ltd.) is a state-owned, municipally-run, large-scale environmental protection enterprise that has been focusing on water services and environmental protection for 70 years. It has established an integrated industrial chain that covers the fields ranging from raw water supply, tap water production and supply, sewage treatment, industrial effluents treatment, recycled water use, waste-to-energy, landfill leachate treatment, hazardous waste disposal and sludge disposal to comprehensive governance of river valleys. Ranking No.1 in business scale across West China and the 6th across the country, the Group is ahead in China with a high level of operation and management, having been listed in the “Ten Most Influential Water Service Enterprises of China” for several times. It has already launched profit-oriented projects in more than 10 cities in 7 provinces, including Shenzhen of Guangdong, Xuzhou of Jiangsu, Wenchang of Hainan, Xi’an of Shaanxi, Lanzhou of Gansu and Yinchuan of Ningxia. Meanwhile, it makes active efforts to tap into the international market of water services and environmental protection, and is committed to the establishment of a business layout that is based in Chengdu, radiates to other areas of China and opens up to the whole world.

The Group is now making an all-out effort to march towards a 100 billion RMB environmental group that is based on water services and comprehensive utilization of solid waste, and well coordinates the progress of treatment of polluted air and soil, the manufacturing of environmental protection equipment and the integrated services, aiming to “build a famous global and industrial brand within five to ten years”. Currently the Group has 32 subsidiaries in total, either wholly-owned or partially-owned, among which there is an A-share listed company.

As a large, state-owned, municipally-run enterprise of Chengdu, Chengdu Environmental Investment Group Co., Ltd. shall, solidly led by the municipal Party committee and government, and supported by the caring municipal departments and all sectors of society, integrate its own development into the big prospect of Chengdu, seize the opportunities arising on the occasion of the name change, steadfastly focus on the field of environmental protection, further deepen the reform and innovation, advance industrial integration and industrial layout, enhance core competitiveness, continuously improve its urban water services and environmental protection and incessantly increase its capacity of providing environmental services, so as to lay a solid environmental foundation for Chengdu to fully implement the new development philosophy in its development.